Chris Motionless Whines A Lot

I am someone who loves to rant.  I like to state my opinion and I don’t care what you think or have to say about it.  However, there is always a line to be crossed, which is something I believe Chris Motionless has just done.  After the success of Creatures, when Motionless In White began to try to come up with a new direction for themselves (and TJ Bell went off to join Get Scared and eventually Escape the Fate), something happened.  There have been numerous reports of MIW bashing and dissing their fans, which frankly I am not okay with.  Normally I would probably grumble something under my breath when I read something like this, but recently my friend over at Grimm Rock Review pointed out that Chris released a statement basically fucking over the entire industry he is a part of.

Motionless goes on a three part rant discussing how much he dislikes the disputes between the fans in his scene, the exploitation of fans for monetary gain, and the lack of confidence in will power that fans have (basically saying that the fans save themselves, not the bands they listen to).  Now that is all great and dandy, aside from the fact that Motionless delivers the entire schpeal in a whiney “fuck everything and I hate you all” kind of manner.  It’s like watching a rock star hissy fit in the blogosphere and I want it to stop.  What makes Motionless’s rant even more obnoxious is the fact that the whole thing stems from how angry he is at his fans’ reaction to a highly controversial statement. Motionless is quoted saying “Motionless In White are not about preaching the message anymore or pushing the be yourself shit.”  Now what I can only assume that means is that MIW is no longer going to be all “talky talky, love yourself the way you are” during their live performances and interviews.  That’s fine, but when you phrase it in a way that sounds like they are saying “Fuck who you are; that sucks.”  You are going to get some really upset and confused fans.  Chris, please get over the fact that you are older than your fan base.  The youth need role models and heroes to look up to, and if you don’t want to be that, then step out of the spotlight, don’t add to the eyes looking at you by saying something that hurtful and unappreciative to your fans.  No one is perfect.  Be happy that you have gained success from your music (even if your latest record rips off Marilyn Manson) and that you can make a living off of it because you have those monetary funds generated by your fans *cough hypocrite cough.*  In conclusion: don’t be such a dick.

If you agree (or disagree) with me, feel free to read the statement yourself:


One thought on “Chris Motionless Whines A Lot

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